“Fascism poses a more serious threat now than
at any time since the end of World War II.” Madeleine Albright, April 6, 2018 “The New York Times”

"The artist's job is to be a witness to their time in history"- Robert Rauschenberg

This ongoing series is about the connection of the women in these portraits to their parents, Holocaust survivors. We are living in a time reminiscent of pre-war Germany. This may sound inconceivable, but that is what most people in Germany and Europe said too.

The women in these photographs are contemporary, modern women here in America. To them, the Holocaust is not something old from a history book it is alive and visceral. I want you to see them in the same way.

This photographic series combines contemporary studio portraits with landscapes which I photographed in Europe and personal photographs from their family collections to portray the story of the past and the present.



All “Children of Survivors” are welcome to participate in this ongoing project.

Please join me in continuing the memory of the Holocaust by participating in my photographic project which combines new portraits of Children of Survivors ( 2G’s), vintage photos of their family and backgrounds set in Europe. The project has been shown in Art Galleries, Museums and Jewish Centers. Eventually I would like to produce a photography book. 

1.     Please send me your name and the city and state you live in, or country if you are outside the US.

 Currently I am taking pictures at my studio in the New York City area. If you live further away please be patient, I plan to travel to take photographs.

2.     Before your photo shoot, I will send you a questionnaire and a photo release to sign. I must receive these before proceeding. The release will allow me to show the photographs.

3.     You must bring as many family photos from the Holocaust era, that can include pre-war and early post war photos. I know that these are rare and special and hopefully you will have at least three.

4.     While you are here during the photo shoot, the photos will be scanned at a high resolution. After the shoot we will send you a link to these files which you may use. You will take the photos home with you.

5.     During the shoot you will photographed holding the photographs.

6.     You will need to bring three changes of clothing with you.

7.     Hair and make-up will be done here.

8.     Please plan to be here for 4 hours.

9.     We will provide food and beverages; however, we aren’t  Kosher so you may need to bring your own.


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